Death in June - Live In Italy 1999 DVD

DVD de Death in June (Live in Italy 1999) en venta:

Track Listing
1. Smashed to bits (In the peace of the night)
2. Bring in the night
3. Despair
4. Only Europa Knows
5. The bunker
6. Little blue butterfly
7. Frost flowers
8. Little black angel
9. Death of the west
10. Kameradschaft
11. Giddy giddy carousel
12. Ku ku ku
13. Runes and men
14. Rose Clouds of holocaust
15. Hullo angel
16. Fall apart
17. Fields of rape
18. Heaven street.
19. C'est un reve
20. Death of a man

Recorded an TPO, Bologna , Italy 29th may 1999
Plus: 3 techno videos Future shock 2001 team Croatia
- The Vision
- Rave imperium
- Rave invaders

Death in June isDouglas P. aided by Albin Julius and John Murphy.

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