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Para beneplácito de los amantes de los 80´s, aca una buena noticia con el retorno de House Of Love. Adjunto articulo en inglés.

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Love is back in the house

UK indie legends The House Of Love have reunited after eleven years. The band, who began life on Creation Records in 1988, will release their first album since 1993’s "Audience With The Mind" on February 28. "Days Run Away" will be preceded by a single, "Love You Too Much", on Valentine’s Day through Art And Industry Records, a small indie label. The single will be released on 7" vinyl only and will be backed by a song performed by Guy called "Skies Alive". The band, which sees mainman Guy Chadwick reunited with original guitarist Terry Bickers and original drummer Pete Evans, have gathered ten tracks for the album, of which some were premiered at their February 2003 gigs. All were recorded this summer with Pat Collier (The Inmates, Adorable, ...) recording and mixing at Gravity Shack in London. The House Of Love, once hailed as the new Smiths, were formed in early 1986 and developped into an eye catcher in the late eighties, mid nineties, not in the least by "Shine on" that became a worldwide hit in its 1990 version. The single was released in no fewer than seven different formats with a variety of extra tracks (the next single "The Beatles and the Stones" got even ten different formats). The selftitled album, in fact the re-recorded second album, went on to sell over 400,000 copies around the world. Note that it was Daniel Miller who among 3 other producers recorded the band's biggest hits. A come back that shouldn't go unnoticed.